Spotted Lantern Fly

Spotted Lantern Fly, a planthopper, is an invasive species from Asia.  It threatens all different aspects of the environment: agricultural, timber, and ornamental industries. 

The spotted lantern fly is quarantined in 34 counties and continues to rise (See PA Department of Agriculture map below).  You can manage and stop the spread of the spotted lantern fly when coming and going from quarantine zones. Remember to check your vehicles and outdoor equipment for any signs before leaving the zone.

Spotted Lantern Fly Quarantine Map

Managing the spotted lantern fly on your property in quarantine zones is also very important.  Ways to manage SLF are scrapping the eggs, banding trees, removing the tree of heaven (the favored host), and using chemical control when appropriate.  For more information managing SLF on your property and on how stop the spread of this invasive pest,  please visit some of the suggested sites below. 

Information obtained from PSU Extension and DEP.