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Callear Forestry Services
(Consulting Forester) Towanda, PA 18848
570-637-1730 callear_cm@yahoo.com
Eric Easton Forestry and Consulting Services, LLC
(Consulting Forester) Trout Run, PA 17771
570-916-9118 ericeastonforestry@gmail.com
Timber evaluation, timber management, appraisals, timber sales, consults
Forest Care LLC
(Consulting Forester) Honesdale, PA 18431
570-253-4161 craigo8@verizon.net
Green Leaf Consulting Services, LLC
(Consulting Forester) Beech Lake, PA 18405
570-460-8034 glcs.jf@gmail.com Web Site
Hobbes Forestry Service
(Consulting Forester) Tunkhannock, PA 18657
570-836-5702 Frstrbob@ptd.net
Jim Soltis
(Consulting Forester) Tunkhannock PA 18657
570-417-8345 jfsoltis@gmail.com
Kessler Tree Farm
(Consulting Forester) Hallstead, PA 18822
570-879-4604 kesslertrees@gmail.com Web Site
Management Plans
Northern Timberlands, Inc.
(Consulting Forester) Dalton, PA 18414
570-357-4472 northerntimberlands@gmail.com Web Site
Timber Appraisals, Timber Sales
Pocono Forest & Wildlife Service
(Consulting Forester) Hawley, PA 18428 pnkowalczyk@verizon.net
Ridge & Valley Forest Management
(Consulting Forester) Lafayette, NJ 07848
570-730-1977 andy@ridgeandvalleyforest.com Web Site
Sylvandale Forestry
(Consulting Forester) Pottsville, PA 17901
570-617-9511 brackmanma@comcast.net
Forestry/Timber Sales

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