2022 Scholarships Awarded

Northern Tier Hardwood Association was able to award 2 recipients for each of our available scholarships. Dylan Abernathy and Devon Ford were presented the NTHA Community Forests Scholarship for High School Seniors. Rachel Klein and Bradley Tessier were presented the College Forest Resources Scholarship.

Clay Shoot Fundraiser

Northern Tier Hardwood Association hosted a Clay Shoot in May 2022 to benefit Log-A-Load, a fundraiser to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals in Pennsylvania. We raised $11,000 to be distributed through 5 hospitals! Thank you to everyone that attended!

Spotted Lantern Fly

Spotted Lantern Fly Quarantine Map

The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive species native to Asia. In 2014 it was found in Pennsylvania, and has since spread to multiple counties which are now quarantined.  Spotted Lantern Fly, a planthopper, is an invasive species from Asia.  It threatens all different aspects of the environment: agricultural, timber, and ornamental industries.  The spotted lantern fly is quarantined in multiple […]