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Good News from the PhilaPort!

The PhilaPort is proceeding with a log fumigation facility and is matching the other major East Coast port rates for shipment of lumber to Europe, Mexico and South America. 

Also, if any log exporters shipping to Europe have logs that need to be fumigated, please contact Dominic at ASAP. They are looking for some test projects as soon as possible.  They recognize that the summer is not the time for exporting logs, but in the event you have a container of logs needing fumigation to a Europe destination, this will be helpful.

The following is a message from the PhilaPort:


Pennsylvania Hardwoods Export Project

Pennsylvania Logs & Lumber and the Port of Philadelphia

The Port of Philadelphia stands ready to serve the Commonwealth’s log and lumber exporters.  PhilaPort now offers two weekly ocean container export services to Europe providing access to key North European ports (including 10 days to Rotterdam and 11 days to Antwerp).  We have the ability to fumigate logs, and years of experience with fumigation.  Our team (port authority, marine terminal operator, fumigator, and steamship line) has visited with log and lumber exporters across Pennsylvania learning about your needs.  We are ramping up for log shipments in the Fall.  We will work directly with you to ensure a smooth journey for your valuable cargo from Philadelphia to your customers.  

To learn more about this great opportunity for Pennsylvania hardwood exports, please contact Sean Mahoney, Marketing Director of the Port of Philadelphia at (215) 426-2600.